Protect Kids from Porn: A Simple Lesson from (Fake) Butterflies

You’ve heard about the birds and the bees. What about the birds and the butterflies? Parents want to protect kids from porn. At Protect Young Minds we are always looking for ways to make this task easier. This week’s guest author, Douglas Browning, has come up with a creative way to teach his own kids why pornography is so dangerous to the brain.… Read More

How Porn Hijacks Young Brains and 3 Effective Ways to Defend Your Kids (Part 1)

This is part 1 of a four-part series by Sam Black from Covenant Eyes. Sam teaches parents all over the country how to prepare their children to be safe online. He also serves on the Protect Young Minds advisory council. Don’t miss part 2, part 3 and part 4 of this series! Fifteen-year-old Sarah’s brow furrowed as she recounted her story of being stuck on porn at age 8.… Read More

Keep Kids Safe: 9 Ways Porn and Predators will Target Kids in 2018

By default, every device that connects kids to the internet also connects kids to porn. It’s that simple —and it’s that infuriating! To keep kids safe in the digital age, parents need to stay one step ahead of trends and know exactly what they are up against. In this post we’ll highlight 9 major culprits that should be on every parent’s radar in 2018!… Read More

How Porn Use Becomes an Addiction (Simplified!)

Internet porn—used regularly and often—chemically and structurally changes the brain. These brain changes are consistent with the brain changes that occur in other types of addiction, like addiction to drugs or alcohol. To understand how pornography can be addictive, it is important to understand something about the reward circuit of the brain. All addictions –both chemical and behavioral–  impact the brain’s reward circuit.… Read More

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