A Dad's Two Brains Help Him Reject Porn

  by Kristen A. Jenson, MA Di you know you have two brains? It’s true! And knowing how they work can help your kids and you reject porn. At least that’s what Brian, a concerned and caring father of two young sons, learned about himself as he taught his six- year old about the dangers of pornography.  I love how honest he is in this recent email he sent me.… Read More

You Have Two Brains!

It’s true. You have TWO brains! And if you want to help inoculate your children against pornography, it’s very helpful to understand how they work together. The Feeling Brain The feeling brain (or instinctive brain), called the limbic system, resides near the center of your brain. It’s where emotions like fear, anger, excitement, sadness and pleasure come from. The feeling brain is also responsible for your basic drives such as hunger, thirst and sexual desire which help to ensure your survival and the survival of the entire human family.… Read More

Top Two Reasons Why Children's Brains are Vulnerable to Pornography

Because of the way children’s brains are wired, they are even more vulnerable to the harmful effects of pornography than adults. Why? Among others, two reasons stand out:
  • “Mirror” neurons make children extremely imitative.
  • A child’s pre-frontal cortex is immature.
  • Mirror Neurons

    According to pediatrician Dr. Sharon Cooper, M.D., who spoke on this topic at a 2010 briefing on Capitol Hill, these two factors plus the availability of internet pornography create the perfect storm for hurting children.(Watch the eight minute talk here.) Anyone who has children has chuckled at how imitative they are.… Read More
    How Porn Hijacks Young Brains and 3 Effective Ways to Defend Your Kids (Part 1)

    How Porn Hijacks Young Brains and 3 Effective Ways to Defend Your Kids (Part 1)

    This is part 1 of a four-part series by Sam Black from Covenant Eyes. Sam teaches parents all over the country how to prepare their children to be safe online. He also serves on the Protect Young Minds advisory council. Don’t miss part 2, part 3 and part 4 of this series! Fifteen-year-old Sarah’s brow furrowed as she recounted her story of being stuck on porn at age 8.… Read More

    Two Reasons Why Kids Are More Vulnerable to Porn (and What You Can Do About It!)

    A kid’s brain is wired to imitate the adult behavior they see and to accept it as “normal.” Here’s how they come to accept deviant, violent, hard-core porn as normal “sex education.” According to a talk given by Sharon Cooper, M.D., of The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, a child’s brain is more vulnerable to the harms of viewing porn for two major reasons:
  • Mirror neurons.
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