Instagram Safety Upgrade! Discover New Tool to Protect Youth

Instagram is making an effort to create a safer space for its users–especially for youth! Earlier this summer we warned you about how Instagram is a popular tool for child predators and sex traffickers. We’ve also shared with you the dark side of Instagram–Instaporn. Our friends at the National Center on Sexual Exploitation have been working hard on these issues through their #wakeupinstagram campaign. … Read More Read more

Popular MMO Games: Should You Let Your Kids Play? 4 Guidelines to Increase Their Safety

Massively Multiplayer Online games (or MMOs) are video games that get their excitement from online interaction between players (like Fortnite and World of Warcraft). If your teen wants to play an MMO, you might worry that they’ll become a video game zombie. Or worse, be exposed to pornography and predators in the free-for-all of online interaction. Is there a way for you to protect your child while still allowing them to play the way many teens play today?… Read More Read more

4 Body Safety Rules to Protect Kids Ages 5-10

Child sexual abuse happens all the time and it’s gut-wrenching. And child-on-child sexual abuse is on the rise. This growing crisis is fueled by pornography. But there are some things you CAN DO as a parent to protect your child. Teaching simple body safety rules and empowering kids to reject pornography are powerful ways to safeguard your family.

5 body safety rules you can teach before school

Body safety talks can start before your kids even go to school.… Read More Read more

3 Ways Bark Protects Your Child from Porn

Today’s post comes from our friends over at Bark. While no tech solution is foolproof and we emhasize the importance of helping your child install an INTERNAL filter, we’re also big fans of using the amazing tech tools available to help protect your family from pornography. Click here for a free trial of Bark!

Porn is everywhere

Teaching your child about porn and what to do if they encounter it online can be quite a task for parents in today’s digital age — especially considering how prevalent it can be on the internet.… Read More Read more

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