5 Troubles with Tech at School and 5 Top Ways to Keep Students Safe

“How was your day at school, honey?” It was an innocent question that I’m pretty sure most parents expect will only generate a “Fine,” “Okay,” or “Good” from their child. That’s what I expected, too. Instead I got this: “Jessica* and I were working on our project together. We were using her computer and I accidentally clicked on the wrong tab.… Read More Read more

Who Else Wants a Community that Protects All Kids from Porn? 5 Ways for Parents to Take Action!

When it comes to pornography, it’s not often that my jaw hits the floor anymore! I’ve been writing and speaking about porn for 7 years now. I’ve listened to hundreds of personal stories and read more articles than I can count. I’ve journeyed the road of addiction with my husband, and I’m on the front lines protecting my kids. But when I think I’ve heard it all and we’ve scraped the bottom of the barrel as a society, I hear something that takes my breath away.… Read More Read more

A Surprising Ally to Help Kids Stay Safe Online

If you have more than one child, you’ve probably grown accustomed to hearing, “Moooooooom, Adam hit me!” or “Daaaaaaaaaad, Sarah said a bad word!” If you’re like me, you hear the drawn out syllables of your name and immediately groan—will this tattling ever end? But there is one instance where I have learned to always welcome tattling — when one of my daughters warns me about a potential danger her sister may be experiencing online.… Read More Read more

Overcoming Shame: 4 Tips for an Emotionally Safe Home

Protecting kids from harmful media can feel like playing Whack-a-Mole. In case you are too young to remember this arcade game, the basic idea is to hit as many “moles” as you can before they hide back in their hole. When one goes away, more pop up! While whacking elusive moles is loads of fun, keeping kids safe from harm in an ever-changing media world is exhausting and mind-boggling.… Read More Read more

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