Dad Power: How One Man Changed Everything to Save Himself and His Family

Coby Mitchell is passionate about helping his kids be safe in our sexualized society. He is passionate because this is personal for him. Coby, like many fathers, knows what it is like to be exposed to pornography as a child. But this is one dad determined not to let his children be affected by porn like he was. Coby shows us how a dad can change everything to save his family.

Coby’s story

Coby was only 7 years old when a neighbor girl across the street showed him her stepdad’s porn magazine collection.… Read More Read more

Surprise! Boys Care About Love Too. A Dad Shares 3 Easy Ways to Talk to Your Son About Relationships

Flowers, hearts, and candy! It’s all for girls, right? Think again! The silent thoughts in the back of a boy’s mind on Valentines Day may not be what you imagine. Boys also long to understand and connect with the romantic feelings that surface as they grow. It’s a common misunderstanding that boys are only interested in sex, or even mostly interested in sex, as they grow into teenagers.… Read More Read more

Perfection Not Required! How Parents in Recovery Can Help Their Kids Reject Porn

Many parents today know what it’s like to be caught in the trap of pornography as a kid – and then struggle with it as an adult. These moms and dads can feel unqualified to teach their children to reject pornography. This is especially true when a parent has not completely won the battle yet. It can feel hypocritical to warn their children about the dangers when they are still learning or have not been free for long. The truth is that our experiences give us unique insight to mentor a child away from such damaging, sexually explicit content. While… Read More Read more

How to Warn Against Porn Without Scaring Your Child

Has your child become frightened or even cried when you talked to them about pornography? Have you ever worried that by trying to protect your child you are creating anxiety? One mom we know is doing a great job teaching her kids why pornography is harmful and what to do if they see it. She is always calm and open with her young family.… Read More Read more

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