6 Things Parents of Resilient Kids Do Well (and You Can Too!)

If your child begged to go out to play on a cold, rainy day, what would you be sure they were wearing? How about a warm sweater, woolly socks, a sturdy raincoat, tall rubber boots, and big umbrella? Those items are protective factors that will keep you child cozy and dry enough to enjoy the stormy day without being miserable or getting sick.… Read More Read more

Three Ways to Guard Against Child Sexual Abuse

Earlier this year a nation was rocked as it heard testimony against Larry Nassar (former Michigan State University faculty member) from almost 100 victims who endured sexual abuse under his care. The connection between pornography and child sexual abuse cannot be understated! This week author and child health educator, Kimberly Perry, joins us to teach parents how they can protect children from abusive encounters.… Read More Read more

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