Is Anime Safe for Kids? Top Tips to Find Age-Appropriate Shows

Anime–the Japanese adaptation of the word animation–conjures up cartoon series like Digimon, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh and others that have been loved by kids for decades. But just because it’s animated or in cartoon form doesn’t mean it’s appropriate for kids. Many parents have asked us, “Is anime safe for kids?” With the help of Protect Young Minds readers Chris and Charmaine Wagner*, we’ve pulled together a primer on anime–the good, the bad and the questionable. … Read More Read more

Today’s Porn Industry: 5 Things Every Parent Needs to Know

I often say, “No child deserves to face the porn industry alone!” But what exactly is the porn industry. And what should you know about it? Parents should know that the porn industry is powerful and it’s coming after your child’s eyeballs, time and sexual template, not to mention their future. And along the way, it can destroy a child’s future–the ability to enjoy strong, loving relationships, healthy sexual intimacy, and a life free from addiction. … Read More Read more

Collin Kartchner: 11 Ways to #SavetheKids and Honor His Memory

Collin Kartchner was on fire to #SavetheKids. Save the kids from what?
  • The mental health harms of social media, pornography and bullying. 
  • The loneliness created when technology erodes family relationships. 
  • A life-sucking smartphone addiction.
  • Collin Kartchner unexpectedly passed away on October 20, 2020. Most importantly, he left behind his wife Lizzy and his four young children. Lizzy recently posted: If he made an impression on your life, inspired you to change your direction to a clearer course even if it was hard, if he made you laugh, touched your heart… help him live on in you.… Read More Read more

    Erotic Lit and Young Minds–How Hyper-Sexualized Fiction Harms Girls and Boys

    I recently had the opportunity to interview Lacy Bentley. Lacy is a Life Coach helping women overcome compulsive love and relationship patterns and has been in recovery for ten years for “love addiction”. You can read more about Lacy in her bio below.  In this interview we cover:
  • Finding erotic lit at a young age
  • How kids are accessing erotic lit
  • Normal curiosity in kids as they develop
  • Empowering kids by having tough conversations
  • The effect of erotic lit on the brain
  • How kids get trapped in erotic lit
  • The harmful messages in erotic lit
  • Coercion and manipulation
  • What parents can do
  • Note: The transcription of this interview has been edited for clarity.… Read More Read more

    The Shocking Tactics Sex Traffickers Use to Trap Your Kids and 5 Ways You Can Protect Them

    Recently I had the opportunity to interview Russ Tuttle of The Stop Trafficking Project. Watch our interview or read the transcript below. Note: The transcription of this interview has been edited for clarity. Kristen: Hi everyone! It’s Kristen Jenson from Protect Young Minds and today we have a really special guest. It’s Russ Tuttle. He has started a non-profit. I’m going to let him tell you about it, but it’s to help kids who are being trafficked.… Read More Read more

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