Social Media App Ratings: Can Parents Trust Them?

If your 13 year old wants to download Snapchat or Instagram, how do you know if these apps are age-appropriate? In the App Store, both Snapchat and Instagram are rated “12+.” But who’s doing the rating? (Good question!) Do Snapchat and Instagram allow harmful content? (Umm …YES!) And can parents filter the content? (Nope!)

Where’s the accountability?

Turns out that the app developers are responsible for rating their own apps!… Read More Read more

7 Ways Predators and Porn will Target Kids in 2019 – Be Prepared Not Scared!

Do you know where the latest digital dangers are lurking? Make no mistake about it: the porn industry and predators want your kids. National security depends upon good intelligence – knowing who the enemies are and where they will strike. Your family security needs it too! It’s time to be prepared, not scared. Armed with current intel on the current ways pornography and predators target children, you’ll be ready to protect your kids in 2019.… Read More Read more

Should Kids Describe the Porn They’ve Seen? Experts Advise Mom

This may happen to you, so here’s some great advice to prepare you to talk with a child who tells you about exposure to porn. Many parents wonder if it helps or harms kids to share details about what they’ve seen. Recently a concerned mom, who wants to help her 10-year-old son heal from his exposure to pornography, reached out to us for answers.… Read More Read more

When Should Kids Have Cell Phones? Savvy Parents Reveal Best Strategies

At what age should kids have cell phones? That’s something all parents are wondering today! Are there guidelines that will make your decision easier? Or ingenious new products that can give your child the ability to call you without granting them total access to the internet? Yes! We asked members of our Facebook Parent Discussion group: “What age do you let your children get a cell phone?… Read More Read more

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