Erotic Lit and Young Minds–How Hyper-Sexualized Fiction Harms Girls and Boys

I recently had the opportunity to interview Lacy Bentley. Lacy is a Life Coach helping women overcome compulsive love and relationship patterns and has been in recovery for ten years for “love addiction”. You can read more about Lacy in her bio below.  In this interview we cover:
  • Finding erotic lit at a young age
  • How kids are accessing erotic lit
  • Normal curiosity in kids as they develop
  • Empowering kids by having tough conversations
  • The effect of erotic lit on the brain
  • How kids get trapped in erotic lit
  • The harmful messages in erotic lit
  • Coercion and manipulation
  • What parents can do
  • Note: The transcription of this interview has been edited for clarity.… Read More Read more

    Gender and Childhood Pornography Exposure: New Research Reveals Surprises!

    Are boys and girls impacted by pornography in the same way? This is a question everyone wants answered. But studying childhood pornography exposure is challenging for several reasons:
  • Researchers do not ever want to cause harm to those being studied and children are considered a vulnerable population. Researchers don’t want to create trauma for kids by bringing up painful memories without proper psychological support.
  • Read More Read more

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