Explicit Content in 7 Top Music Apps – A Parent’s Guide

Chances are, your kids love to listen to music and share it with friends.  With so many music apps out there, which one is right for your family? Especially since so much music has explicit lyrics that you don’t want your kids boppin’ to! The American Academy of Pediatrics warns,  “Music plays an important role in the socialization of children and adolescents.… Read More Read more

7 Ways Predators and Porn will Target Kids in 2019 – Be Prepared Not Scared!

Do you know where the latest digital dangers are lurking? Make no mistake about it: the porn industry and predators want your kids. National security depends upon good intelligence – knowing who the enemies are and where they will strike. Your family security needs it too! It’s time to be prepared, not scared. Armed with current intel on the current ways pornography and predators target children, you’ll be ready to protect your kids in 2019.… Read More Read more

How to Protect Kid’s Holiday Tech Gifts in 2018 (and Fun Screen-Free Ideas!)

It’s holiday season, and you’re facing mind-boggling decisions about gifts for your kids. They’re dreaming of fancy tech gadgets; you’re uneasy about unforeseen consequences.   

Bewildered by the internet-connected gifts kids yearn for?

We’re going to help you through this! Read on to find:
  • Guidelines for giving safe tech gifts – all summed up in a free checklist you can take shopping
  • Parental control info so you can set up and safeguard tech gifts before you give them
  • Ideas for some fun top-rated screen-free gifts for kids!
  • Read More Read more

    5 Must-Know Online Trends for Parents and Kids to Talk Over Now

    No need to feel overwhelmed by keeping up with the latest info on raising digital kids! We’ve got you covered. Check in regularly for current news you can use to prepare your kids to live safely in a sexualized world.

    Here’s What’s Trending in October 2018

    Tech: New iOs Screen Time – Make It a Fun Family Challenge

    The good news Apple iOS 12 has new Screen Time parental controls!… Read More Read more

    Snapchat Made Easy for Parents

    The number of social media platforms is dizzying! Out of all of them, why should you pay attention to Snapchat? Because in the past couple of years, Snapchat has taken over as the clear favorite of teens. That’s right, 45% of teens say Snapchat is their go-to social network, eclipsing Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Our kids have been raised in a visual culture, and Snapchat fits right in with that interest.… Read More Read more

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