Big Wins – Show Dogs and Snapchat Retreat! [Updated]

UPDATE 6/4/2018 We are dismayed to report that following this blog post, the film was not edited as promised, and has been showing in theaters. The National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) screened the film and reported that the sexually exploitive narrative and scenes of genital touching remain in the movie. We strongly advise the parents and caregivers to not take children to this film. … Read More Read more

How a Fearless Mother-Daughter Duo Teach Parents to Protect Children from Porn

This month we celebrate the powerful influence of mothers who take action to protect children! Does your community need someone to speak up and help parents be more aware of the challenges kids face today with pornography? You’re about to meet an inspiring mother and daughter who just jumped in and started teaching parents how to protect children. Julie Nelson and her daughter, Shasta Knight, didn’t wait for a fancy title or the right time in life to start speaking up.… Read More Read more

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