Can Mama Bears Make a Difference? 10 Fierce Women Who Defend Kids Online

Moms all over the world are fighting tooth and nail to protect their kids from the threats technology poses today. From overuse of tech, to access to dangerous pornography and predators, there are so many opportunities for families to prepare to be safe and strong! These moms, just like you, are doing what they can to influence their own homes and communities.… Read More Read more

Our Top Posts from 2018: 7 Power-Ups for 2019

2018 is nearly over! How do you feel about this year? What was your first thought? Thumbs up – or thumbs down? Smiley emoji? Frowny face?

4 Questions for appreciating the past and welcoming a bright future

The year’s end is a good time to consider if our kids are thriving in this world of always-on technology and over-sexualized media. Here are some questions to help you assess how your family is doing.… Read More Read more

Calling All Fathers! 4 Simple Ways to Raise Confident Daughters

Fathers are super heroes when it comes to raising confident, secure daughters! Involved fathers can even help prevent the sexual exploitation of their daughters. That’s the message that Dr. Tim Rarick shares at the United Nations, at national conferences on sexual exploitation and in his classes at BYU-Idaho. He not only studies father-daughter relationships, but he has real-life experience – he is a dad to 3 daughters and a son.… Read More Read more

How Grandparents Combat Pornography

Why I Fight! Today you get to meet the amazing Vauna Davis, Executive Director of UCAP (Utah Coalition Against Pornography). Their annual conference is in March and guess what? It’s the largest conference in the world to educate the public on problems (and solutions) of pornography

Why leading UCAP makes me hopeful

I have an interesting and unique job as the executive director of Utah Coalition Against Pornography.… Read More Read more

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