How to Discipline in the Digital Age: 5 Top Tips for Parents

The word discipline literally means, “Training to ensure proper behavior.” When it comes to pornography, discipline is training to ensure safe behavior. All of us want our kids to be safe, but how do we achieve safety from pornography in a digital age?

The 5 Steps to Successful Discipline in the Digital Age

Prevention science has revealed five steps to helping children avoid harmful behaviors like pornography use.… Read More Read more

How Porn Hijacks Young Brains and 3 Effective Ways to Defend Your Kids (Part 3)

This is part 3 of a four-part series by Sam Black from Covenant Eyes. Sam teaches parents all over the country how to prepare their children to be safe online. He also serves on the Protect Young Minds advisory council. Don’t miss part 1, part 2 and part 4. Katie is a mom with the best intentions, but she was angry with herself for not acting more quickly to spare her child from watching porn.… Read More Read more

5 Ways Kids’ Brains are Super Susceptible to Porn

“What’s the most important thing to know about the effects of pornography on kids?” Dr. Jennifer Brown, mom to 5 growing boys, doesn’t hesitate to share her well-founded opinion on that question! She insists that parents and policy makers need to understand 2 facts:
  • First, recognize that kids’ brains process porn different from adults, and
  • Second, that kids’ brains are more vulnerable to porn.
  • Read More Read more

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