6 Things Parents of Resilient Kids Do Well (and You Can Too!)

If your child begged to go out to play on a cold, rainy day, what would you be sure they were wearing? How about a warm sweater, woolly socks, a sturdy raincoat, tall rubber boots, and big umbrella? Those items are protective factors that will keep you child cozy and dry enough to enjoy the stormy day without being miserable or getting sick.… Read More Read more

Screen Time and Mental Health: Simple Life Hacks for Raising Resilient Kids

Technology! It’s changed our lives, hasn’t it? Smartphones, social media, apps and more – they have so many amazing benefits. That’s why practically everyone uses them! At the same time, too much of a good thing can turn into a harmful thing. Many parents are wondering, “Does technology harm children’s mental health?” As exciting, innovative technology continues to unfold, an unfortunate trend is also rising: more mental health problems in children.… Read More Read more

A Surprising Ally to Help Kids Stay Safe Online

If you have more than one child, you’ve probably grown accustomed to hearing, “Moooooooom, Adam hit me!” or “Daaaaaaaaaad, Sarah said a bad word!” If you’re like me, you hear the drawn out syllables of your name and immediately groan—will this tattling ever end? But there is one instance where I have learned to always welcome tattling — when one of my daughters warns me about a potential danger her sister may be experiencing online.… Read More Read more

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