Booty Shaking & Sexy Costumes in Children’s Dance: How to Find Healthy Studios That Won’t Objectify Your Kid

This guest post was written by Mary Bawden of DA:NCE (Dance Awareness: No Child Exploited). Is there anything more innocent than a child joyfully dancing? Every spring I’m over the moon with excitement while watching my grandchildren participate in their recitals. Watching a child explore the art of movement through dance is precious. For anyone who knows me, you know I love dance to my core.… Read More Read more

Your Daughter’s Body Image – Healthy or Shameful? 4 Ways to Counteract Toxic Media

Both of my daughters dance. They have an incredible ability (that I don’t share!) to communicate their emotions and ideas through the power of movement. They practice hours on end at home and the studio to push their bodies to new levels. They celebrate their growth and accomplishments, and I sit in the audience amazed at what they can do. But it’s also soul-crushing when they compare their bodies to those of another teammate – or to an Instagram photo of a ballerina or contemporary dancer they admire.… Read More Read more

Calling All Fathers! 4 Simple Ways to Raise Confident Daughters

Fathers are super heroes when it comes to raising confident, secure daughters! Involved fathers can even help prevent the sexual exploitation of their daughters. That’s the message that Dr. Tim Rarick shares at the United Nations, at national conferences on sexual exploitation and in his classes at BYU-Idaho. He not only studies father-daughter relationships, but he has real-life experience – he is a dad to 3 daughters and a son.… Read More Read more

I Was Sold on The Story of Jane Doe

No one knows the real number of children prostituted every year in the United States. Estimates are between 100,000 to 300,000. These are children bought and sold for sex in our own backyard. And, until last week,, an online classified ad platform, was the primary channel used to complete these transactions of modern-day slavery. Today we’re celebrating because Backpage has been shut down in a collaborative effort between the FBI and other government agencies!… Read More Read more

Fifty Shades of Abuse: 5 Lies Every Girl Needs to Recognize and Reject

It’s no secret that the Fifty Shades franchise has capitalized on the trend to push porn into mainstream media. When Fifty Shades Freed opens in theatres this month, it’s estimated that Universal Pictures will round out their revenue on this trilogy at $1.2 billion. While author E.L. James sits smugly atop her $95 million. Normalize the exploitation of women, rake in the money, and ignore the social consequence!… Read More Read more

Silent Struggle: 4 Ways Girls Get Pulled into Using Porn (and what you can do to help them)

The truth is that girls are just as susceptible to sexual addiction as boys are, and it’s time to start talking about it to help end their silent struggle. Four factors add to the pull of porn for girls. The good news is that parents can use the following four strategies to help girls decide to reject pornography:
  • Regularly affirm your daughter’s worth
  • Combat isolation and fear
  • Recognize that girls may use different porn than boys
  • Change how you give “the talk”
  • Believe me, I’m an expert on this topic.… Read More Read more

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