Child on Child Harmful Sexual Behavior Part 2: A Clear Guide to Navigating Legal and Reporting Requirements

I’ve been on the front lines for a long time, but my soul is always rocked by the desperate pleas from parents calling in seeking advice because their child has engaged in harmful sexual behavior. Behavior that has often been fueled by pornography. Note: This is Part 2 of a series. You can find Part 1 here.

Real life stories

I’ve heard from Dads like “Matt”, who told me that his 12-year-old high functioning son who is on the autism spectrum was sitting in their local juvenile detention.… Read More Read more

Child on Child Harmful Sexual Behavior Part 1: A 3-Step Path to Prepare Parents

Being on the phone lines as the Admissions Director for Star Guides Wilderness Therapy, I have listened and wept with countless parents as they relate the devastating discovery of how one of their own children has hurt another child (often a sibling) through harmful sexual behavior. Many can give me a history of struggles; others are completely blind-sided. No matter the journey, this kind of behavior always starts in one of two ways: 
  • The child was touched by someone much earlier in their own childhood and taught in person. 
  • Read More Read more

    My Story of Healing From Pornography Addiction: The 7-Step Plan Every Kid Can Use to Change Their Habits One Day at a Time

    I have battled my pornography addiction for over a decade now. I am only 28. I’ve completed my undergraduate degree and a postgraduate degree. I’m married and we have children. I have a good job in a respectable profession. I have a full and happy life.  However, as a direct result of my decision to look at pornography as a young man, unnecessary pain and struggle have constantly loomed in my life and occasionally flooded everything that is important to me.… Read More Read more

    What 10 Parents Learned When Their Child Was Caught in a Porn Trap [Part 3]

    In this 3-part series, 10 parents give their unique perspective on helping a child overcome the addictive pull of pornography. Today, in our final segment, they describe the transformations that have taken place since beginning this journey. As well, advice on what can be done to protect future generations from the harms of pornography. You can find Part 1 of this series here.… Read More Read more

    Helping the Kid Who Doesn’t Want Help

    Nothing has caused me to feel more powerless than my little toddler. You’ve had those situations, right? Like the car seat. It’s time to buckle in and she planks. A full-grown man hunched over a tiny girl, with no chance of success. I’m a big bad wolf blowing at a two-year-old brick house. I tell her to stop (as if my desires weren’t already obvious).… Read More Read more

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