Should Kids Describe the Porn They’ve Seen? Experts Advise Mom

This may happen to you, so here’s some great advice to prepare you to talk with a child who tells you about exposure to porn. Many parents wonder if it helps or harms kids to share details about what they’ve seen. Recently a concerned mom, who wants to help her 10-year-old son heal from his exposure to pornography, reached out to us for answers.… Read More Read more

The 8 Best Questions to Ask When Your Child Has Seen Porn

It’s one of many parent’s worst fears: in spite of your best efforts and strongest precautions, your child has been exposed to porn. And given the range of devices available, the pathways of exposure are almost too numerous to list. One mom learned that her 11-year-old son was tricked into viewing hardcore porn by a slightly older neighbor friend. The neighbor boy shared what he said was a music video on his iPod as a “joke”, thinking it would be funny to see her son’s reaction.… Read More Read more

Love Kills Porn! Advice from a Mom Who Cares for One Million Kids

You may have heard the rally cry “Porn Kills Love” from our friends at Fight the New Drug. And it’s true —porn kills marriages and self-esteem and leads to the despicable exploitation of children. But today, let’s talk about how love kills porn! Love can be used to protect, respond to and help heal children (and adults) affected by pornography. These ideas were recently shared by Joy D.… Read More Read more

Helping Tens of Thousands Quit Porn for Good: Interview with Fortify

Quit porn for good! That’s the first thing you see when you arrive at the Fortify landing page. Now that’s a pretty bold statement for any recovery tool or support community to make. Then add in that this is FREE to teens age 13-17 and it sounds almost too good to be true. So what’s it all about? Keep reading and we’ll give you the full scoop in our exclusive interview with Clay Olsen.… Read More Read more

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