Parent Alert! Strangers Can Cyber Flash Lewd Photos to Kids on iPhones

Our regular Parent Alert! news updates help parents stay ahead of the trends affecting kids in our hypersexualized culture. This month we’re talking about two sources of danger for children – and what you can do to protect kids! Read on to learn how to prevent cyber flashing and the risks of kids using SnapChat.

Has Your Child Been Cyber Flashed on His iPhone? 

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Parent Alert! Is TikTok Safe for Kids?

What Parents Need to Know About TikTok and Social Media Challenge Videos

Eleven-year-old Sarah opened up her TikTok app and saw a video of her favorite vlogger (video blogger) acting out a challenge that had gone viral: grab some common ingredients, including bleach (!), mix it up in a plastic Ziploc bag, and hold it against one eye for at least a minute.… Read More Read more

Parent Alert! YouTube’s Pedophile Problem + How Clever Kids Misuse Google Docs

Our regular Parent Alert! news updates help parents stay ahead of the trends affecting kids in our hypersexualized culture. Here’s what’s going on in March 2019.

YouTube caught enabling child sexual exploitation!

Eleven-year-old Corie loved to share her gymnastics competitions on her YouTube channel. She was proud of her accomplishments and eagerly read the comments: “Great job on the double backflip!”… Read More Read more

11 Safe Video Chat Rules You Need to Teach Your Kids

Imagine that your kids could use video chat to build close relationships with far-away loved ones – like their grandparents and their best friend who moved away. And at the same time they knew how to be safe from all the dangerous people and situations that can happen on video chat! Keep reading for 11 rules to talk about with your kids.… Read More Read more

Parent Alert! The Dark Web Endangers Curious Kids

Our monthly Parent Alert! news updates inform parents so they can stay ahead of the latest trends. Here’s What’s Trending in January 2019

Teach kids to stay far away from the Dark Web

Have you ever heard your older kids or teens talking about Tor? If so, you will want to dig in and find out more right away! Tor (The Onion Router) is the main way to get into the Dark Web, without anyone being able to identify the user or track their activity.… Read More Read more

Parents and Teachers! Check Out Google’s New Toolkit and Help Kids Be Internet Awesome

Have you ever had a phishing lesson? No, not the kind near a river or lake . . . Though “phishers,” or scammers, do use bait to try and steal personal info from you on the internet. Do you remember how or when you learned about phishing on the web? As adults, we often take for granted the things we learned along the way – like never click on an email from someone you don’t know.… Read More Read more

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