New Name! Here’s Why We’re Becoming Defend Young Minds

Every parent I know is fighting for the hearts and minds of their children. It’s a difficult digital battle! And to keep up with the changing times, we all need to keep growing. That’s why we’re becoming Defend Young Minds. It’s time to level up our defenses against pornography and all the things it fuels–like child sexual abuse and child sex trafficking. … Read More Read more

Babysitters & Tech: 5 Tips to Keep Kids Safe From Pornography

The number for poison control is hanging on the fridge – check. You’re ready to hug your kids and wave goodbye to the babysitter. But wait! Did you go over any rules to keep kids safe from pornography? Consider this: The minute a babysitter enters your home (yay, date night!), you’ve also likely invited in a smartphone. Let’s go over a few ways to protect your kids from pornography when they’re being cared for by someone other than YOU.… Read More Read more

Selfie-Centered Kids? How to Teach Empathy with 5 Quick and Easy Activities

Research shows that there’s a startling decline in empathy among kids. And in a world where capturing the perfect selfie, garnering likes and followers, and achieving social media fame are highly valued, it’s not hard to see why kids are becoming selfie-centered. This is especially concerning because empathy is a powerful tool kids can use to reject pornography! The good news is we can teach empathy to our kids!… Read More Read more

Racism in Porn: A Powerful Way to Teach Kids to Reject XXX

As critical consumers of media, we have begun to critique racism in just about every media format—movies, Twitter and Facebook feeds, and even children’s programming. But what about racism in porn? As a Clinical Psychologist, I am convinced it is well past the time for a critical discussion about how the combination of racism and pornography can be harmful to children. … Read More Read more

10 Sneaky Ways Porn Will Target Your Kids in 2021

Porn targets kids even in the most trusted and mainstream places. Protecting children from it can seem like a game of whack-a-mole. That’s why our first post of the year always lists the sneaky ways the porn industry is targeting your innocent kids.  In this post you’ll find how porn targets kids through…
  • explicit ads on apps made for kids,
  • deepfake technology,
  • the dark web,
  • erotic lit,
  • erotic podcasts,
  • porn spam on Google Drive,
  • social media such as TikTok, Snapchat and Instagram,
  • video games popular with kids,
  • an organized, massive porn industry and
  • porn sites masquerading as sexual wellness centers.
  • Read More Read more

    Today’s Porn Industry: 5 Things Every Parent Needs to Know

    I often say, “No child deserves to face the porn industry alone!” But what exactly is the porn industry. And what should you know about it? Parents should know that the porn industry is powerful and it’s coming after your child’s eyeballs, time and sexual template, not to mention their future. And along the way, it can destroy a child’s future–the ability to enjoy strong, loving relationships, healthy sexual intimacy, and a life free from addiction. … Read More Read more

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