Parent Alert! Watch Out for Netflix’s Shocking “Big Mouth” (and More!)

No need to feel overwhelmed by keeping up with the latest info on raising digital kids! We’ve got you covered. Check in regularly for current news you can use to prepare your kids to live safely in a hyper-sexualized world. Start a conversation with your kids about some of these issues – it’s a great teaching opportunity! Here’s what’s trending in November 2018:

Warning: Netflix’s Big Mouth is big trouble

Prepare to be disgusted.… Read More Read more

8 Screen-Free Activities for Fun Face-to-Face Time This Summer

Woo-hoo! Summer vacation is just around the corner. Get out the flip-flops, pull up the lawn chair, sit back with ice-cold lemonade, and relax while your kids are busy with screen-free activities. At least that’s how the first 30-minutes might play out. Until . . . wait for it . . . “M-o-o-o-o-m, I’m bored.” Ah, the age-old problem: Adults never have enough time to relax, and kids always seem to have too much!… Read More Read more

What is Screen Time Really Doing to your Kid’s Brain?

Debate over what constitutes a healthy amount of screen time for kids is a hot topic these days. Opinions are all over the map: Some touting the educational and social benefits of early immersion in technology, while others warn that screens could be the new heroin of the digital age. If the conflicting advice leaves you feeling overwhelmed, take heart. We have answers from the experts.… Read More Read more

Parent Alert! Disturbing Videos on YouTube Kids

We all cheered when YouTube Kids came out. Finally a safe place for kids to watch their favorite videos! Unfortunately, millions of disturbing YouTube Kids videos have been uploaded, bypassing filters meant to keep kids safe. (Keep reading to find our list of alternative parent-approved kid sites.) It’s horrifying to realize that kids viewing these videos can be exposed to:
  • Lewd acts and other sexuallly suggestive content
  • Simulated extreme acts of violence
  • Enactments of kidnapping from monsters or scary clowns
  • Bloody scenes
  • Kids injecting substances into buttocks (seriously!)
  • Read More Read more

    Safe Playdates: 3 Strategies for Setting Media Ground Rules

    Playdates are really important for young children. Why? Because play combined with early socialization is a natural way for kids develop essential life skills. As kids play, they learn to empathize, negotiate and compromise. Not to mention —playdates are just plain FUN! But many parents today feel anxious to set up playdates. And much of the worry has to do with kids’ access to screens.… Read More Read more

    Police Who Trap Child Predators Share Safety Tips with Parents

    “When I first started this job, I was shocked–it was way worse than I thought.”  That was one of the first comments I heard from a detective speaking about child predators who hunt their prey online. In other words, even though he was a seasoned police officer, he had no idea of the scale and scope of internet crimes against children.… Read More Read more

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