Can Mama Bears Make a Difference? 10 Fierce Women Who Defend Kids Online

Moms all over the world are fighting tooth and nail to protect their kids from the threats technology poses today. From overuse of tech, to access to dangerous pornography and predators, there are so many opportunities for families to prepare to be safe and strong! These moms, just like you, are doing what they can to influence their own homes and communities.… Read More Read more

Social Media App Ratings: Can Parents Trust Them?

If your 13 year old wants to download Snapchat or Instagram, how do you know if these apps are age-appropriate? In the App Store, both Snapchat and Instagram are rated “12+.” But who’s doing the rating? (Good question!) Do Snapchat and Instagram allow harmful content? (Umm …YES!) And can parents filter the content? (Nope!)

Where’s the accountability?

Turns out that the app developers are responsible for rating their own apps!… Read More Read more

Perfection Not Required! How Parents in Recovery Can Help Their Kids Reject Porn

Many parents today know what it’s like to be caught in the trap of pornography as a kid – and then struggle with it as an adult. These moms and dads can feel unqualified to teach their children to reject pornography. This is especially true when a parent has not completely won the battle yet. It can feel hypocritical to warn their children about the dangers when they are still learning or have not been free for long. The truth is that our experiences give us unique insight to mentor a child away from such damaging, sexually explicit content. While… Read More Read more

It’s Awkward, and It’s OK: You CAN Talk to Your Kids About Pornography

How old was your child when you first talked with them about pornography? Our kids were eight and ten. Before this time, they understood the basics of sex and some of the dangers that lurk on the Internet. We explained in general terms the “why” behind our family restrictions for media and entertainment — the movies they could watch, the music they could listen to and what they could do on computers.… Read More Read more

Parent Alert! Watch Out for Netflix’s Shocking “Big Mouth” (and More!)

No need to feel overwhelmed by keeping up with the latest info on raising digital kids! We’ve got you covered. Check in regularly for current news you can use to prepare your kids to live safely in a hyper-sexualized world. Start a conversation with your kids about some of these issues – it’s a great teaching opportunity! Here’s what’s trending in November 2018:

Warning: Netflix’s Big Mouth is big trouble

Prepare to be disgusted.… Read More Read more

Good Pictures Bad Pictures, 2nd Edition: Discover the 5 New Ways It Makes Kids Even Stronger

Want in on a secret? For the past year, I’ve been working on a second edition of Good Pictures Bad Pictures: Porn-Proofing Today’s Young Kids! With over 500 positive reviews on Amazon and a 4.9 rating, you might be wondering what we needed to change! (But first, here’s another secret-not-a-secret: This first week the new second edition will be deeply discounted on Amazon! So after you see all of the great new features, please click here to get your new copy on sale!… Read More Read more

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