5 Troubles with Tech at School and 5 Top Ways to Keep Students Safe

“How was your day at school, honey?” It was an innocent question that I’m pretty sure most parents expect will only generate a “Fine,” “Okay,” or “Good” from their child. That’s what I expected, too. Instead I got this: “Jessica* and I were working on our project together. We were using her computer and I accidentally clicked on the wrong tab.… Read More Read more

Who Else Wants a Community that Protects All Kids from Porn? 5 Ways for Parents to Take Action!

When it comes to pornography, it’s not often that my jaw hits the floor anymore! I’ve been writing and speaking about porn for 7 years now. I’ve listened to hundreds of personal stories and read more articles than I can count. I’ve journeyed the road of addiction with my husband, and I’m on the front lines protecting my kids. But when I think I’ve heard it all and we’ve scraped the bottom of the barrel as a society, I hear something that takes my breath away.… Read More Read more

Are Your Kids Safe from Abuse in Sports? 3 Questions Every Parent Should Ask

Little league baseball, rep hockey, competitive swimming, after-school tennis lessons, karate classes . . . so many sports for our kids to choose from! Whatever activity your child chooses, the benefits of participating in youth sports are almost endless: they can improve outcomes in all areas including physical, social, psychological, academic and health. In well-structured sports, children receive opportunities to set and meet personal goals, develop lasting friendships and enhance problem-solving skills.… Read More Read more

How to Warn Against Porn Without Scaring Your Child

Has your child become frightened or even cried when you talked to them about pornography? Have you ever worried that by trying to protect your child you are creating anxiety? One mom we know is doing a great job teaching her kids why pornography is harmful and what to do if they see it. She is always calm and open with her young family.… Read More Read more

5 Ways to Teach Kids to Say NO! to Porn with Assertive Communication Skills

Do you remember a time when you didn’t know how to speak up for yourself? Maybe you had a childhood experience like one mom who didn’t know what to say when her cousins showed her some risque magazines from under their parent’s bed. That’s why kids need assertive communication skills! What if I told you that teaching your kids assertive communication skills will help them say no to porn?… Read More Read more

Big Wins – Show Dogs and Snapchat Retreat! [Updated]

UPDATE 6/4/2018 We are dismayed to report that following this blog post, the film was not edited as promised, and has been showing in theaters. The National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) screened the film and reported that the sexually exploitive narrative and scenes of genital touching remain in the movie. We strongly advise the parents and caregivers to not take children to this film.                                               “Global Road Entertainment has betrayed parents and endangered children by its failure to cut scenes normalizing genital touching from its children’s movie.… Read More Read more

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