7 Things Your Seven-Year-Old Should Know about Love and Sex

We live in the age of information. We also live in a hyper-sexualized era. Put those two together and you quickly realize there are ideas filtering through our cultural climate that you wouldn’t expect a seven-year-old should know. The information kids receive can be upsetting, disturbing, confusing and unhealthy. It can also spark questions and curiosity. Often kids turn to unreliable and dangerous sources, like pornography, for answers.… Read More Read more

A Neighbor Boy Masturbates in Front of My Kids! A Dad Asks for Help

Recently we received a difficult question from a father with young children about a young neighbor boys who masturbates in public. We asked therapist, author, and father, Geoff Steurer, to provide a measured and practical answer for parents who may want to give their kids more information about the potential downsides of masturbation. Geoff approaches this topic from the belief that sexual feelings are ideally expressed within a committed relationship such as marriage.… Read More Read more

Marriage and Porn: What Everyone Needs to Know

Parents need to be the experts when it comes to empowering kids to reject porn. And research shows that kids who keep porn at bay are better prepared to enjoy a happy, healthy marriage. So today, let’s do a mini Marriage and Porn 101 and review a few of the most pertinent facts about how porn hurts relationships. (Then you’ll have the information to share with your child when you find the right time.)… Read More Read more

Female Bodies: What’s the Best Way to Satisfy My Son’s Curiosity?

We love to receive questions from our readers! This week therapist Geoff Steurer, MS, LMFT, answers a question from a mom about satisfying her teen’s curiosity about what female bodies look like while still encouraging him to reject pornography and other sexualized images.

The Question: How to Appropriately Satisfy a Boy’s Curiosity about Female Bodies

I need your advice and recommendations.  We have seven children ranging from 19 down to 4 and have read Good Pictures Bad Pictures: Porn-Proofing Today’s Young Kids to them. We… Read More Read more

10 Reasons Colleges are Producing Rapists Like Brock Turner

Brock Turner got off with an extremely light sentence (three to six months in a county jail instead of two years minimum at a state penitentiary) for three felony counts of sexual assault, but the deeper question no one is asking is WHY are so many U.S. male college students becoming rapists? I believe that Brock, and the judge who sentenced him, are disturbing products of our pornified culture, and it’s important that we help our kids and those in our sphere of influence see the connection. … Read More Read more

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