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Help us empower parents to protect kids from pornography and sexual exploitation. You provide the enthusiasm, we’ll provide the tools.

It’s a public health crisis, and you can do something about it!

Thank you for being willing to help others understand the pain pornography is causing to individuals, families and society. We know you share our belief that pornography has become a public health crisis and affects all of us. Pornography is linked to:

  • the hypersexualization of teens and children
  • normalization of sexual violence and abuse of women and children
  • skyrocketing levels of child on child sexual abuse
  • addiction, like cocaine or heroin
  • sex trafficking
  • job loss and overall lowered productivity
  • mental health issues like depression and anxiety
  • destroyed marriages that put kids at risk

Pornography exposure among young children is rampant, and most kids are caught off guard. Many parents need help knowing how to talk with their young children about pornography. It is truly becoming a public health crisis that requires action from parents, local leaders and government.


But here’s the good news…

Kids are capable of developing their own internal filter, one that they carry with them at all times. Internal filters work! When children understand what pornography is and how it can harm their growing brain, they become a powerful force for protecting themselves, as well as their friends and family.

Protect Young Minds™ provides parents with comfortable straight-forward scripts, making it easy to approach kids with the difficult topic of pornography. Moreover, we have the tools to equip kids with strategies to effectively reject the highly sexualized images so common in the media and on the internet.

Sharing is caring!

We want to help you SHARE this good news with your family, friends, and community. As more proactive people like you SPEAK UP, we can turn around the public health crisis of pornography.

We dream of a team of Protect Young Minds™ Ambassadors proclaiming this three-fold message:

  • Every child deserves to be warned about the dangers of pornography
  • Parents can empower their children with an internal filter to reject pornography 
  • We must all come together to protect young minds

As we work together, we CAN empower the rising generation of young children to say “no” to pornography and say “yes” to developing healthy, real relationships.

Let’s get the message out!

Sign up for our FREE Protect Young Minds™ Ambassador Kit. We’ll send you:

  • A DIY Presentation Outline: Our step-by-step outline that will help you SPEAK UP and plan an empowering and positive presentation.
  • 10 Porn Stats Every Skeptic Should Know: A pdf download you can share to help your community understand the dangers of pornography.

Thank you for your courage and willingness to SHARE and SPEAK UP! With your help, we can begin to CHANGE THE WORLD! 

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